Updates, Events & Announcements

Setting up Insight for the new EYFS Framework (2021-22)

16th July 2021

Get ready for the new EYFS Framework in Insight, becoming statutory in September 2021.

Read our guide here.

EYFS Framework 2021

Recording: Provision Mapping Developments webinar

15th July 2021

Click here to view the recording of the webinar from 13th July, in which we demo Insight’s in-development Provision Mapping features and collect initial feedback and questions.

Provision Mapping webinar

New Year Process

15th July 2021

Insight automatically moves all pupils up one year group on 1st September ready for the new academic year.

1. Update your pupils
If you’re using Assembly, syncing will be paused over summer, then your pupils will update automatically. Otherwise, sync pupils from your MIS to add new starters, update your existing pupils’ information, archive any leavers and assign your 2021-22 classes:

Import Pupils & Data from SIMS »
Import Pupils & Data from Integris »
Import from elsewhere

2. Check your term dates
Administrators can check your term start dates are correct for 2021-22 at Admin > Change School Settings > Term Dates.

3. Check your staff list
Administrators can add new staff and make sure any leavers have been removed at Admin > Manage Staff.

2021-22 Autumn Rollover

Webinar: Building Parent Reports in Insight

9th April 2021

Audience: Teachers and senior leaders using Insight.
Hosts: James Pembroke & Thomas Perkins

Insight features an intuitive Parent Reports tool that uses Word templates for maximum flexibility. You can even have different templates for different year groups and key stages.

In this free one hour webinar you will learn how to build custom templates to your own design that will automatically populate with all the information you need including teacher’s comments, assessment data, and other important pupil records.

Removal of the Key Groups Summary report

25th February 2021

If you’ve used Insight for a while, there’s a good chance you knew and loved the “Key Groups Summary” – a super simple report, with just two selections and a button, which got you to your key data for your key groups really fast. So why did we decide to remove it?!

Click through below for more information and suggestions on alternative ways to get to your key data fast.

Key Groups Summary report

Redesigned Pupils Page

29th January 2021

The Pupils page of Insight, which pulls everything about a pupil into one page, has had a significant update this month.

Follow the link below for a detailed explanation of what’s changed and why.

1,500 Schools!

18th January 2021

We’ve just reached the incredible landmark of 1,500 schools using Insight! We wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped get us to where we are, we literally couldn’t have done it without you ❤️

If you’re enjoying using Insight, please tell other schools about us. If you refer a school they will get 10% off their first invoice, and you’ll get 10% off your next invoice. Refer 10 schools and you can get a whole year of Insight for free!