Updates, Events & Announcements

Removal of the Key Groups Summary report

25th February 2021

If you’ve used Insight for a while, there’s a good chance you knew and loved the “Key Groups Summary” – a super simple report, with just two selections and a button, which got you to your key data for your key groups really fast. So why did we decide to remove it?!

Click through below for more information and suggestions on alternative ways to get to your key data fast.

Key Groups Summary report

Redesigned Pupils Page

29th January 2021

The Pupils page of Insight, which pulls everything about a pupil into one page, has had a significant update this month.

Follow the link below for a detailed explanation of what’s changed and why.

1,500 Schools!

18th January 2021

We’ve just reached the incredible landmark of 1,500 schools using Insight! We wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped get us to where we are, we literally couldn’t have done it without you ❤️

If you’re enjoying using Insight, please tell other schools about us. If you refer a school they will get 10% off their first invoice, and you’ll get 10% off your next invoice. Refer 10 schools and you can get a whole year of Insight for free!

We need your reviews!

16th December 2020

To help schools evaluate Insight, we’ve set up a Trust Pilot page for independent reviews. Now all we need are some reviews. If anyone would like to contribute here we would love to hear your feedback.

A huge thank you for kind words already posted.

Scatter Graphs have landed

8th December 2020

The ideal complement to the Progress Matrix, for when you want to compare more granular data such as test scores… Set your own reference lines, show number/% in each quadrant, group pupils, and reveal pupil names.

Head to Cohorts > Scatter Graph, and enjoy! More information in our guide here.

Tables Facelift

10th November 2020

The Tables report has had a facelift! Certain features have been on our wishlist for a while, and we wanted to make the whole experience of building table templates a little slicker.

Attendance Thresholds

6th February 2020

We wanted to make specifying attendance more flexible and distinctive for schools and trusts, so we’ve introduced ‘Attendance Thresholds’.

The user can define their attendance thresholds and select the familiar evaluation bands, so you can configure exactly how you want your attendance to look. The thresholds will then define how Insight evaluates attendance percentages, and the options available when filtering and grouping pupils.