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Changes to Statutory Assessment

Over the 2019 summer holiday, Insight changed how statutory assessments are stored. Specifically, some of the assessment names have changed.

Where possible we’ve copied existing assessments and updated reports to use the new names, so things should just work. However, please contact the Insight support team if you have any concerns.

Our hope is that from 2019-2020, we have much a clearer definition of statutory data in Insight and fewer problems with data in the wrong place.

SAT Teacher Assessments

Teacher assessments for KS1 and KS2 SATs used to be named “SAT”. This caused problems with some schools recording scaled scores and other data under this name. The name and mark schemes need to be correct in order for CTF exports to work.

The new assessment name is “SAT TA”. This name will appear in drop-down lists when reporting.

Existing Y2 and Y6 SAT assessments have been copied to the name SAT TA, so they are still accessible in reports.

We copied, rather than moved, the existing data to reduce the chance of breaking things! However, if you’d like the now duplicated assessments cleared up, please contact the Insight support team.

Also, if you’ve previously used SAT for other year groups (not 2 or 6), then you might want that data renamed as well. Again, please let the support team know.


Phonics score assessments used to be stored under the subject “Phonics” and assessment name “Main Assessment”. The new location is subject “Reading”, assessment name “Phonics Score”.

Existing phonics assessments have been copied to this new location.

Insight will also require that data entered now uses the Phonics Scores (0-40) mark scheme. This ensures the assessments will be compatible when exporting statutory data returns in CTF files.

Also, the phonics “Outcome” e.g. Wa/Wt, is no longer imported from CTFs. Insight is able to evaluate the scores directly (32+ is expected) so the additional outcome mark is not needed. If you’d like the “Outcome” option removed from your list of assessment names, please contact support.

KS2 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Assessments

Previously, Insight had an inconsistent approach when importing data for Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling SATs. Sometimes the subject would be GPS and other times GPVS.

We’ve decided to now always use GPS for the assessment subject.

Existing assessments for GPVS have been copied to GPS. Also, GPVS has been removed as a subject option when reporting or entering data.