Insight is an annual subscription service. The price includes unlimited use of Insight, telephone and email support for all users, secure data backup and free access to all updates and improvements we make to the system.

Subscriptions normally run for 12 months following end the of the free trial period, and are renewed on the anniversary of that date.

There are two subscription levels for Insight: Essentials and Plus.

Insight Essentials is work-load sensitive tracking system and offers the following:

  • Statutory assessments
  • Point-in-time assessments for teacher judgements
  • Standardised scores, and other test data
  • Termly assessment points
  • Help with transferring assessments into Insight from other systems

Insight Plus includes all of Essentials and the following extras:

  • Track curriculum objectives
  • Termly and half-termly assessment points
  • Point-in-time or step-wise assessments for teacher judgements

Price is based on number of pupils:

PupilsInsight EssentialsInsight Plus
1 – 99£300£400
100 – 399£3/pupil£4/pupil
All prices exclude VAT.

There are no signup, setup or other hidden fees. We accept payment by cheque or bank transfer.

Renewal quotes are provided 90 days before your subscription ends. The cost is based on the number of pupils on roll in Insight on that date.

We provide a 365-day money-back guarantee for your current year’s invoice (no questions asked). We’re happy to say we’ve not been taken up on this yet!

Set Up

We’ll do as much of the legwork as possible when getting Insight set up for you. Your pupil information and statutory assessment data can be imported from your MIS, and we can input any existing summative assessment data you provide. You can be up and running within a few days of sending us your data, all at no extra charge.

Want to learn more?

Insight offers a 60-day, no obligation, free trial. This includes a fully featured system and full support to help get you started. Import your pupils, historic data, and evaluate the system with your team.

If you want to try Insight but you’re tied in somewhere else, why wait? You can now try Insight for free until your existing contract ends.

View Pricing or Contact Us if you have questions