You like data. But not as much as spending Saturdays in the garden with your family.

You appreciate a good spreadsheet – who doesn’t? But maybe assessment-final-v2-amended.xlsx is the final straw.

You value assessment tracking. But wouldn’t it be amazing if your entire staff found it enjoyable too.

You want to wow your governors with great looking reports. But why is it such a battle to generate the figures they need?

If you’ve always suspected that this could be easier, you’re right.

Whatever your curriculum, whatever your data and whatever format it’s in, whether you’re a small school on a budget or a 60 school MAT, Insight can take the pain out of your assessment tracking.

“Thank you for continuously adding and improving features. In all of the schools I look after and visit, I’ve never heard one negative word about Insight Tracking; just how happy teachers are we are using it and how powerful it is to use as our main data analysis tool. Also excited about the upcoming features to be added, they all look really really useful and good! Everything seems to keep getting better and better!”

Phillip Cleaver, WAT Primary Data Manager, Colley Lane Primary Academy

“Many, many thanks for all your patience as we worked through our journey to get an assessment system we are all happy with. This was the most successful and stress free assessment round we have ever had. Feedback from staff on using Insight is very positive and it is empowering for middle leaders to be able to interrogate data so easily. We have also received warm praise regarding the data reports produced from our SIL, which is good news for an RI school!”

Rachel Hornsey, Head of Sutton Courtenay C of E Primary School

All members of staff will benefit from Insight’s simple approach to pupil tracking. The secure, web-based interface lets you access Insight from any computer:


  • Record formative and summative assessments from Nursery to Year 6.
  • See everything you need to know about your individual pupils on a simple report.
  • Instantly see how your class or year group is performing against your school’s curriculum targets and spot issues.
  • Set targets, record interventions, groups and comments.
  • Quickly prepare for parents’ evening.
  • Import pupil information and statutory assessment data directly from your MIS – no need to type everything in again!

School Leadership

  • Record your own teacher assessments, book bands, ages, standardised scores and any other assessments you’re doing.
  • Generate dynamic reports for all your key groups in a few clicks.
  • Monitor SEN children and vulnerable groups and ensure intervention programmes are having a positive effect.
  • Quickly see the percentages of cohorts who are on track (including for Reading, Writing and Maths combined).
  • Use the Progress Matrix to talk meaningfully about progress, whether or not your assessment model gives you a ‘points’ measure.

Your school’s unique needs are met by Insight. In addition to recording your own bespoke teacher assessments, you can record any number of other tests, groups and interventions. Insight is flexible, so you can enter all kinds of data and analyse it using the same simple reporting tools. Everything is colour-coded for quick visual appraisal (and because it looks so much nicer than black and white!)

Insight’s reports offer ways to talk about your pupils’ attainment and progress without having to re-create levels. You can also record standardised scores, and Insight will calculate the related percentile – a much easier value to discuss, especially with parents.

“Insight has transformed our school assessment system and it has been invaluable in preparing data and evidence for progression across the Key Stages – it’s a godsend!”

Elaine Badger (St Mewan Community Primary School)

“Even ‘county’ smiled when they noted our new system of tracking. I graduated as a teacher in the sixties, so you can imagine how often I’ve put pen to paper over the years. I’m sure you realise just how much time you’ve saved today’s teachers.”

Madeline Lowe, SEN Governor (Biscovey Infants School)

Insight is simple. No formal training or user manuals are required (but Help Guides and walkthroughs are on hand if you need them). If you’re happy with the basics of browsing the web, then you’re ready to use Insight. We provide free technical support, by phone and email. We can even arrange a free school visit if more assistance is required.

Insight is affordably priced. We provide a 365-day money-back guarantee and will pro-rate your first bill if you join part-way through the year.

If you have questions or would like to start a free trial of Insight, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Andrew Davey
Creator of Insight

P.S. Insight owes its success to all the schools that help build it over the years. We love hearing from teachers, especially when we can help them out before an Ofsted inspection! So please do get in contact today and see what Insight can do for your school. You can always contact us by phone on 020 3393 4005, or email [email protected].

“Insight has greatly improved our school’s individual pupil tracking ability. Its internet based format allows all staff to access their pupils’ information rapidly, informing parent interviews, target setting, focus group teaching and much more! Its user friendly style is a huge time saver and the analysis tools and tables are easy to create and interpret.”

Melanie Haddy, Head (Grampound with Creed C of E School)

Want to learn more?

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