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Introducing Assessment Types

We wanted to make it faster and safer to enter your data into Insight, so for 2019-20 we’ve introduced the concept of an ‘Assessment Type’.

Assessment Types define the various non-statutory assessments you want to record in Insight.

They have an associated Assessment Name, and can limit the subjects and mark schemes that can be used when entering data, so you can configure exactly how you want your assessments to be stored. This speeds up data entry and reduces the chances of mistakes being made when data is entered. Teachers won’t be able to choose the wrong subject or mark scheme by mistake.

Here’s an example of a typical set up for Rising Stars:

Existing Assessments

Previously, each school or Trust maintained a list of Assessment Names. These have been converted to Assessment Types with no restrictions on subjects/mark schemes. Your Admin users may wish to go in and configure things to match your assessment policies. See our guide on Managing your Assessment Types.

If you have a long list of Assessment Types that you’d like to tidy up, or if you need anything re-naming, please get in touch with our technical support team who’ll be happy to help!