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Refunds, discounts and support during COVID-19

I’d like to thank all our existing and new customers who are continuing to sign up and renew their Insight subscriptions. School closures and the cancellation of statutory assessments was never on our forecast, but we’re optimistic that we can continue operating through this challenging turn of events!

For the time being we’re unable to commit to giving a mass discount/refund to all customers, without putting the business at risk. We’d like to still be here when schools get back to normality, and without any drop in quality to the support and ongoing development of the product.

We’re basing this decision partly on the assumption that school budgets haven’t changed, but if you are in particular difficulties because of COVID-19 then do get in touch with me at [email protected].

As always, Insight is available to use from wherever you can access the internet. Although we have made some use of the government’s furlough scheme, particularly for those of our staff who now have children home with them, our support teams remain staffed to help as needed.

Our development team are working on some important infrastructure updates. For the most part this won’t result in customer-facing updates, but will put us in a better position to implement improvements down the line (and as a bonus may help make Insight faster)

Thanks for sticking with us as we muddle through – we’re all looking forward to coming out the other side together!

Sarah Davey (Director)