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Updates to Terms of Service

We’re making amendments to our Terms of Service, which will become effective 11th March 2021, broadly covering the following:

  • Minor amendments which improve clarity (mostly based on customer feedback collected over time);
  • New clauses on Offers and Mobile Use;
  • Minor updates and clarifications to the Schedules covering what data can be recorded;
  • An update to our Indemnity section, to make explicit the exclusion of certain regulatory fines from our indemnity clauses (based on customer feedback);
  • An update to our Pricing schedule, to record new subscription fees (specifically the removal of the minimum price threshold for schools with fewer than 100 pupils, and details of the two subscription levels available). Note that the removal of the minimum pricing threshold is designed to make Insight more affordable for smaller schools. We haven’t increased prices.
  • Data Protection: amendments/additions to the definitions in clause 1.1, and a re-writing of clause 5, to bring the Terms into line with the situation following our departure from the EU (following advice from our solicitors).

We’ve written up a change log with full details for your review. You can preview the updated Terms of Service in context here.

Hopefully everything is clear and makes sense, but if you have any questions pop us an email to [email protected].