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Redesigned Pupils Page

The Pupils page of Insight pulls everything about a pupil into one page. This includes profile details, assessments and other notes.

As we add new features to Insight, we have to squeeze more data into the page. This means lots of scrolling to find things, making key information hard to find. Adding yet more data would only make things worse. The pupils page was an example of this; and as we have plans for new features that will affect this page, we decided it was time for a redesign.

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve changed the Pupils page tabs. Previously there was a tab per year, with each tab containing the assessments, profile, comments, etc. The new design has a tab per type of data. So new features, like provision mapping and parent reporting, can be added as new tabs.

While we think the change is for the best, we appreciate it can be confusing when one day you log in to find everything is different! But rest assured, all your data is still available, just in a different location. This article explains the changes so you can quickly find everything.

These are the new tabs:

Profile Tab

The Profile tab shows the pupil’s contextual information.

If you need to see profile details for a past year, then you can change the year selection.The Interventions/Groups section will show all groups, regardless of the selected year. We thought it would be useful to see past groups, even if they were in a previous year. Also, the columns of the table can be sorted.

Assessments Tab

The Assessments tab contains all the summative assessments.

The table of assessments is mostly the same as the existing page design. Similarly to the Profile tab, there is a Year selection. Use this to see assessments from other academic years.

The tab also has some new options. You can choose to filter which assessments are displayed. Also you can switch to graphs for either the current year or all years.

Objectives Tab

For schools subscribed to Insight Plus, a summary of curriculum objectives is available on the Objectives tab. This works just like the older Pupils page.

Notes Tab

Previously, the Pupils page had separate sections for comments and file attachments. The new design has combined these into a single Notes tab.

So it’s now possible to upload a few files/images and include additional note text to accompany them.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new Pupils page, please contact the Insight support team.