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RWM SAT Scaled Scores on Overviews – Attainment

We’ve updated the Overviews – Attainment report to show a nominal scaled score for Writing when the options “SAT Scaled Score” and “Writing” specifically are selected. This brings the report back in line with other reports (eg Tables and Headlines) which work the same way.

Note: This applies only when these options are selected for the Year 6 Summer/Summer2 term.

This means you can easily show bar charts of attainment for Reading, Writing and Maths on one page by selecting options as below:

Behind the scenes, Insight generates a nominal scaled score based on the Writing SAT TA result which can be used alongside the Reading and Maths results. The SAT teacher assessments are converted like this:

GDS = 113
EXS = 100
WTS = 91

Insight also generates useful Venn diagrams for the data: