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2023-24: Rollover process

Insight automatically rolled over to the 2023/24 academic year on 1st September. Next steps are:

1. Add your term dates
If you’re using Wonde to sync your MIS with Insight, you must add your 2023-24 term dates before the end of September. Otherwise all schools are advised to enter term dates, to prevent issues with managing school leavers, objective assessment terms, etc. Administrators can do this at Account > Admin > Change School Settings > Term Dates.

2. Update your pupils
If you’re using Wonde, syncing was paused over summer, then your pupils will continue to update automatically (provided you’ve entered term dates for the year by the end of September). Otherwise, import pupils from your MIS to add new starters, update your existing pupils’ information, and archive any leavers. You can also assign your 2023-24 classes.

3. Check your staff list
Administrators can add new staff and make sure any leavers have been removed at Account > Admin > Manage Staff