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2023 Provisional National Estimates

From assessments entered into Insight so far, we’re able to offer some provisional national estimates for 2022/23 based on decent sample sizes.

The Early Years Good Level of Development (EY GLD), Phonics Screening Check Y1 and Key Stage 1 data is all based on approximately 75,000 pupils. The Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is based on approximately 65,000 pupils.

Phonics Y179.5%
KS1 RWM*55.4%
KS1 Reading EXS+68.0%
KS1 Reading GDS18.0%
KS1 Writing EXS+59.4%
KS1 Writing GDS7.5%
KS1 Maths EXS+70.3%
KS1 Maths GDS15.6%
MTC Average20.4
MTC 25/2531.0%

*The DfE don’t calculate a combined figure for KS1.