Insight Tutorial Videos

In these video tutorials we cover everything from data entry to reporting. After watching this series you should have a good idea of how to get your data into Insight, and how to produce a number of different reports. If you have further questions or need help with Insight, visit our support page to get in touch.

Data Entry – Summative Data

Training video covering data entry for Summative Data within Insight.

Data Entry – Custom Groups

Training video covering creating Custom Groups within Insight.

Data Entry – Curriculum Statements

Training video covering how to use Curriculum Objectives within Insight.

Data Entry – Statutory Assessments

Training video covering data entry for Statutory Assessments within Insight.

Reporting – Overviews Attainment

Training video covering the Overviews Attainment report within Insight.

Reporting – Parent Reports

Training video covering Parent Reports within Insight.

Reporting – Progress Matrix

Training video covering the Progress Matrix report within Insight.