Webinar 10th Feb. Making the most of Insight: a guide for SENDCOs

Audience: primary SENDCOs, senior leaders, and assessment leads.
Host: James Pembroke

Find out how to set up bespoke groups, enter SEND-specific data, create sets of objectives for your interventions, use filters to identify pupils with particular characteristics, and run key reports to pinpoint issues. We’ll focus on using Insight’s Tables report tool to pull all key data – both characteristics and assessments – into one place to track progress over time, and will show examples of how a table can calculate the change in, for example, reading age during a period of support. We will also demonstrate how such data can be summarised for the purposes of monitoring the effectiveness of SEND provision.


Apologies to everyone who wasn’t able to access this over-subscribed event. We’ll fix our booking settings for future webinars! James has also written “A SENDCOs Guide to Insight“, which covers most topics.