Overwhelmed by data? Transform your Trust’s data analysis with Insight

Are You Struggling with Time-Consuming, Expensive and Ineffective Reporting?

Managing and evaluating the performance of multiple schools can be a daunting task. Traditional methods of data collection and analysis often result in outdated, scattered, and incomplete reports. It can be a struggle to quickly access and interpret this data, especially during inspections or meetings. This wastes valuable time and makes it challenging to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of your schools’ performance. You need a solution that simplifies this process and provides you with accurate, real-time data at your fingertips.

Effortless, Comprehensive, and Real-Time Performance Reports at no extra charge

Imagine accessing detailed yet intuitive reports that provide a real-time, top-down view of your Trust, right down to individual pupil attainment. Seamlessly switch between different schools within your Trust or analyse the Trust as a whole. Whether you need a quick overview for an inspection or detailed performance data for a staff meeting, Insight simplifies data retrieval to drive more informed decisions and improved outcomes. Reliable comparisons to national averages and customisable reports are all in one place.

Even better – there’s no extra charge for our MAT reporting tools. They’re all included at no extra charge for Insight-subscribing schools.

“Changed my life!”

“Using Insight Tracking across our CMAT has been incredible. Individually, schools are using Insight to record assessments, track progress & identify under performance. As the data lead for the Trust, I can access individual school data but also see collated MAT data for all 20 schools. Game changer!” MAT Data Manager at CMAT

The Right Data at the Right Time

A curated set of reporting options, tailored to your needs

Insight offers a carefully crafted set of report options:

  • Statutory Assessments Report: Compare Trust results to national data ahead of the DFE release, and compare each school’s performance against the overall Trust and national figures.
  • Demographics Report: Instant retrieval of demographic information across the Trust, perfect for Ofsted inspections.
  • Overview Reports – Attainment and Progress: Get a quick analysis of assessments, with the ability to drill down to individual pupil files.
  • Progress Matrix and Scatter Report: Compare historical data with real-time data to track progress and make predictions. Deep dive into school and pupil data with scatter graph options.
  • Mosaic Report: Create bespoke reports tailored to your Trust’s review needs. Continuous updates with real-time data and the ability to add comments.
  • Table Report: Display data in a familiar Excel-like format for easy extraction and customization.
  • Headline Report: Perfect for inspections and senior team reviews, offering a top-level view of Trust schools’ data. Build your own report templates with our powerful report-builder.

What else is included?

Also included at no extra charge is our onboarding and technical support, including historic data transfer, as well as training when you need it.

At school-level, your academies will also benefit from assessment and curriculum tracking, parent reporting, provision mapping,

Optional extras include access to our MAT Data Strategy package, which can help you rationalise your Trust’s approach to data in a workload-sensitive way.

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