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Privacy Notice

Last updated: 05 July 2017

Insight is a service provided by Equin Ltd (company number 06347232). Our ICO data protection reference is Z1904040. The data protection officer is Andrew Davey.

Insight enables schools to record pupil and assessment data for the purpose of attainment and progress monitoring.

Data collected

Pupil data

Insight stores the following information about pupils:

  • Unique Pupil Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Start Date
  • Year Group
  • Class
  • FSM
  • EAL
  • SEN
  • Attendance
  • Interventions/groups

Assessment data is also recorded, including teacher assessments, comments and tests. This can also include evidence in the form of photos and other uploaded documents.

Staff data

Members of staff given access to Insight have their name, email address and hashed password stored.

Control of data

Schools retain control of the data they enter into Insight. They are able to add, modify and delete it at any time.

Insight can also act on behalf of schools to modify data when requested.

School data is only stored while there is a formal agreement in place. We will delete data from schools within a year of them ending their subscription with us. This is in case they change their minds and decide to re-subscribe or because they need help transferring data to another system.


Insight is a web-based application, accessible only over a secure (HTTPS) connection. This ensures all data is encrypted while in transit.

Insight stores data on a secure server, which is replicated and backed up daily to prevent data loss.

System access to the database is only via a secure, password-protected, connection. Backups are stored in a separate location and also password-protected.

Schools provide their staff with access to Insight via an email address and password. Passwords are stored in a hashed form. Insight employees are unable to retrieve plain-text passwords.

Schools are responsible for adding and removing staff access to Insight.


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Insight support via email

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